Since 1909 BH has been designing, manufacturing and commercialising sports equipment and contributing to well-being and quality of life.


The initials BH have been, for more than a century, a synonym of sport, cycling and the will to succeed. BH’s industrial journey started in 1909, fruit of the genius and entrepreneurial spirit of three brothers. That was the birth of one of modern cycling icons and one of the most consolidated and successful brands of bicycle and fitness manufacturing.


icono-lista  Treadmills
icono-lista  Ellipticals
icono-lista  Exercise Bikes
icono-lista  Indoor Cycle Bikes
icono-lista  Body building machines
icono-lista  Rowing machines
icono-lista  Vibration platforms
icono-lista  Benches and accessories




Functional rigs designed and manufactured by our partner Xtreme. Spanish engineering and manufacturing, with the best materials and quality standards.


Its R&D department is always designing new structures to expand the Fun-Xtation line catalogue. This way they are able to adapt to the space of each and every client, with stand-alone or anchored to the wall structures and with accessories that can vary according to the needs of the sports center.


The Fun-Xtation line can be fully customized in colors and equipment and it is available for indoor and outdoor, thanks to the anti-corrosive treatments used.



MEGABLOK is a manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in the equipment sector and offers the widest range of lockers, closets, cloakroom cabinets and locker benches.


Manufactured in several materials, such as: steel, melamine, phenolic resin and plastic; to offer solutions to equip locker rooms and common areas. As well as phenolic booths for toilets and showers.


icono-lista  Modular metal lockers
icono-lista  Phenolic Lockers
icono-lista  Consignments and departments
icono-lista  Locker room benches
icono-lista  Locker room accessories
icono-lista  Floors and pavements



Oss Fitness Sport Systems is a Spanish company with more than 20 years of experience advising and equipping sports facilities.


They supply professional cardio and strength equipment and indoor cycles, as well as cross training, functional training and group activities equipment and sports flooring. Their wide range of products and their staff specialization guarantee their ability to face any type of sports project.


It has its own brand of products, AFW, and they are also an authorized dealer of Reebok Functional and Studio.


icono-lista  Bars and plates
icono-lista  Strength: kettlebells, dumbbells, bags, pull-up bars, accessories, storage.
icono-lista  Functional: boxes, balls, ropes, cardio, storage.
icono-lista  Gymnastic: Ab mats, suspension training, parallel bars, bands, elastics, rings.
icono-lista  Studio: fitballs, mats, convex, pump set, step, yoga and pilates, storage.
icono-lista  Flooring: rolls, tiles, tatami.


The Jim Sports Group is made up of six companies that cover all the needs that a sports club may have.


They have a catalog with more than ten thousand references of sports products, manufactured and distibuted by them, but also fitness structures and equipment. Softee, its main brand, has more than 6,000 products: fitness equipment, tennis and racket sports accessories, swimming equipment and accessories, among others.


icono-lista   Vinyl weights
icono-lista   Plates and bars
icono-lista   Ropes
icono-lista   Body bar
icono-lista   Steps
icono-lista   Platforms
icono-lista   Pilates/Yoga
icono-lista   Workpower
icono-lista   Swimming
icono-lista   Racket sports
icono-lista   Football
icono-lista   Other sports: basketball, handball, volleyball, hockey, gymnastics…