The best solutions to enjoy your outdoor courts all year round!

We have been collaborating for several years now with the best companies in this area to provide the best solutions for covering padel courts and other sports facilities. The activity of your sports centre will not be stopped due to rain or extreme temperatures. Rigid or canvas shade structures, let us help you choose the solution that best fits your sports project.


We trust our partner Esguín, Ingeniería y Construcción, to offer the best solutions to cover your courts, innovative, competitive and respectful towards the environment, satisfying both the client and the court users.


Types of roof frames in most demand:

  • Classic Rigid Frame
  • Custom Section Frame
  • Curved Rafter Portal Frame
  • Self Supporting Roofing System


They work hard to deliver buildings with a modern look, but also sustainable and comfortable to use.
And if you are looking for something different, they are open to developing new ideas and solutions, always studying the technical and economic viability.



ICOMplus shades are also a good alternative to protect your courts so that they can be used all year round. They adapt to all types of spaces to be covered, and resolve many important aspects such as watertightness, acoustics, thermal protection or fire resistance.


ICOMplus shade structures are made from high resistance galvanised steel profiles, using different systems as the covering material depending on the client’s needs, such as high quality pvc canvas, corrugated steel panels or polycarbonate.


They also have the possibility of easily removing the structure at any time the customer needs it.