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    Select the type of court Padel Standard XTRPadel Panoramic XTRPadel Xtreme Vision PanoramicPadel Single XTRPadel Baby XTR

    Number of courts

    Colour of the Structure:

    Lighting: Number of Led Floodlights and Power 4 units of 200 W8 units of 150 W8 units of 200 WNo lighting needed

    Type of Turf FibrillatedMonofilamentTexturized Monofilament

    Turf Colour Green (FIB / MONOF / TEXT MONOF)Blue (FIB / MONOF / TEXT MONOF)Red Brick (MONOF / TEXT MONOF)Fuchsia (MONOF)Black (MONOF)

    Glazing 10 mm12 mm